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WordPress Training, Support and Monitoring

Does your website work for you?

We’ve all been there. You own a business and understand that you need a website to make your brand legitimate, serious and credible. You contract a web designer to build you a website and then, when live, you’re left to make the website work for you and bring in new clients. That’s where our WordPress training and support can set you on the right track.


We run a range of workshops that give you the tools to ensure that your business flourishes online. From WordPress through Search Engine Optimisation, and onto other digital channels.


When you need more in-depth 1-2-1 support to cover website optimisations, upgrades or custom work, we can book some dedicated time to work through your marketing issues.


When you really want to to make sure you website is working for you, we can book dedicated time each month with built in SEO monitoring to keep you ahead of the game and above your competitors.

WordPress training workshops designed to give you the tools to grow

Support To Help You Navigate Your Online Marketing

Starting a Blog

Starting a blog is a great way to set yourself as a thought leader, built a following, and get found by search engines for what you do.


HTTP was the default for websites for nearly twenty years….but time has moved on. SSL/TLS should now be standard on your site


WordPress is great as it allow you to easily add plugins to extend the core functional. But these can be a performance rabbit-hole…


Search Engine Optimisation is the craft of making sure that what you write is what your users are searching for to give a great user experience.


If you really want your website to zing having great quality web hosting is crucial, both from point of view of the digital resources but also “network neighbours”.

Selling Online

If you have a product to sell in the physical store you can only hope on passers-by, but when selling online your customers can be based anywhere…. globally!

Search Engine Monitoring To Make Sure Your Website Works For You


You get a dedicated day per month working on your website improvements to ensure you are being found in search and converting visitors when they arrive.


Through collaboration, we work with you to build a list of predefined keywords then run weekly audit to ensure that your website continues to perform for you.


We will send you a monthly report to ensure that you have the data to understand how your website is performing and where we can find new opportunities.

Get Started Today

We have a limited number of slots available for this plan. At just £300 plus VAT you get a dedicated web marketeer making sure your website works for you.

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