Do you really need that extra plugin?

One of the things I love about WordPress is the ease in which you can mould it to achieve exactly what you need to run your business.

WordPress, out of the box is a great platform to manage your page and blog posts, securely handle your users with individual usernames and passwords, not to mention different user levels to restrict the functionality each user can access.

But if you want it to do more, you need to start looking at plugins.


The official plugin repository states that you can “Extend your WordPress experience with 55,686 plugins.”

That gives you a lot of new functions that you can bring into your website to offer new ways to sell online, book events, sign up to newsletters, add a cookie banner…. The list goes on.

The Issue

Although these plugins are adding better functionality, they can also slow down your site. If they are adding extra scripts or code to the front of your site there has to be a trade off between the HTML that your site now has to generate, and the speed that your hosting can handle.

Running through an audit of the plugins that you use could lead you to find that the features you use for a couple of plugins could be consolidated into another, or you have duplicate features.

If you need help to work out why your site is slow, please reach out and we can book some time to work out where your site bottlenecks.

Neil Batchelor

I currently wear a few hats! Well, apart from being lead organiser of wpcoventry, I am also an ICT Business Advisor with the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce where I help SME with all things digital. Then in the odd few minutes that I have left(!), I am the Technical Director for EncodeDotHost which helps businesses across Coventry and Warwickshire make the most of the web.

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